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1-5 years SMART plan

IAES introduces the 1-5 years SMART plan for Local and International Institutions to ensure that International student marketing and recruitment goals are met within 1-5 years by realizing a 60% increase in International student enrollment. This plan is carefully executed with a robustly crafted business plan outlining action plans within the set time frame and a set budget. The SMART Plan is not limited to size, location, brand, budget restrictions etc of an Institution, We work with what you have and ensure you that your targets are achieved.

Our breakdown of results can be found below;

  • 1st year – 10% increase in enrollment
  • 2nd year – 25% increase in enrollment 
  • 3rd year – 35% increase in enrollment
  • 4th year – 45% increase in enrollment
  • 5th year – 60% increase in enrollment

Actions plans will include;

  • Analyzing current enrollment reports to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Market research to determine the most feasible countries for your Institution and competitors within the regions
  • Aggressive consultancy to re-structure the International admissions office
  • Vetting and training of currently employed International admissions staff
  • Hiring new International admissions staff (if required)
  • Re-structuring agent marketing and recruitment strategies including (vetting, training, student recruitment automation, agreements, commissions etc)
  • Appointing total 100 screened agents within the Africa, Middle East, and Asia regions by applying the 3 agents ONLY per country rule
  • Recruitment activities within the time frame (outreach activities, info sessions, webinars, orientation programs)
  • Marketing and promotional activities (social media, media, print, advertisements etc)
  • Developing Institutional partnerships (high schools, companies, colleges etc)
  • Establishing off-shore offices (if the need be)
  • Analyzing current admission and enrollment automation process and applying fixes
  • Analyzing current marketing materials
  • Analyzing student retention rates and applying fixes
  • Developing high social media presence across all platforms
  • and many more!

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