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Agency Agreement

IAES is open to signing agency agreements with various Colleges & Universities worldwide. What distinguishes IAES from other agencies is that we operate an evolutionary agency agreement model. International Student Recruitment depends on a lot of factors such as the right tools, strategies, resources and human resources being in place to help achieve targets. Without them signing an agency agreement will serve no use.

To ensure your yearly enrollment targets are met, we appoint a dedicated account manager that will grow and manage your Institution’s agent and student enrollment network. The rep will work closely with your organization and is entirely managed by us. The rep is entirely dedicated to building an on-ground presence and promoting your Institution using various channels within your chosen regions.

Our key activities;

  • Identify and advise on the most feasible countries for student and agent recruitment for your Institution
  • Arrange and set up meetings with various International high school heads & sign strategic partnerships for yearly student referrals
  • Hold presentations, Live Q&A sessions at various high schools, universities, and companies
  • Arrange and meet face-to-face with agents, perform due diligence, train and sign them for your Institution
  • Organize and execute student recruitment fairs for your Institution
  • Continuously offer consultancy services to staff members based in your International Office

Rep’s General duties and responsibilities;

  • Meet, screen and appoint agents for your Institution
  • Follow up/Manage agents for Institution
  • Manage already signed agents
  • Manage student applications from Agents for Institution
  • Train and Counsel Agents via online and offline means
  • Manage independent application queries
  • Achieving recruitment targets with set budget from Institution
  • Develop effective strategies for student and agent recruitment for your Institution
  • Organize and execute student recruitment events for your Institution
  • Conduct pre-departure seminars
  • Conducting presentations and workshops
  • Visa counseling and guidance to students and agents
  • Arranging and attending high school visits

Option 1 (Automatic Agreement)

  • We automatically sign a representation agreement with Institutions that participate in our fairs.

Option 2 (In-Country Representation Agreement)

  • We appoint a dedicated account manager to manage your agent and student recruitment
  • Rep’s Compensation; $300 per month (billed annually)

To appoint IAES as a representative for your school; write to us!