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Agency Agreement

IAES is open to signing agency agreements with various Colleges, Universities and Boarding schools worldwide.

To ensure your yearly enrollment targets are met, we appoint a dedicated account manager that will grow and manage your Institution’s agent and student enrollment network. The rep will work closely with your organization and is entirely managed by us. The rep is entirely dedicated to building an on-ground presence and promoting your Institution using various channels within your chosen regions.

Types of agreement

  • Worldwide agreement – Have us promote and recruit students where we have a strong presence or from any part of the world.
  • Designated regions agreement – Have us promote and recruit students from your target regions only.
  • Exclusive agreement – Grant us exclusive rights to promote and recruit students from designated regions. We appoint and manage sub-agents to send a targeted number of students to your school each year.


  • Due to the number of requests for representing agreements, Priority will be given to IAES tour participants.
  • Depending on your school location, ranking amidst other factors, IAES might require a visit to your school campus to perform all due diligence before proceeding with an agreement. In such cases, the school will be 100% responsible for the trip.

To appoint IAES as a representative for your school; write to us!