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Agency Agreement

IAES is open to signing agency agreements with various Colleges & Universities worldwide.

Appoint IAES as a representative to facilitate yearly student referrals for your Institution.

What distinguishes IAES from other agencies is that; we sign with TWO SCHOOLS ONLY per destination country to ensure that each school on our list receives some number of students per academic year.

Each school we sign with must be a present or past IAES event participant.

Schools we sign with will be promoted on our tours, education portals, student and agent newsletters and media campaigns.

IAES charges a standard commission rate per successful student referral and that will be 20% of students first-year tuition fees.

What we do as your representative;

  1. We appoint ICEC’s for your school
  2. We foster agent relationships
  3. We promote your school on our tours, portals, student and agent newsletters and media campaigns
  4. We turn inquiries into admissions
  5. We foster relationships with admitted students to ensure a high student retention rate

To appoint IAES as a representative for your school; please send an email to