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Annual Agent Focus Fair

The IAES Annual Agent Focus Fair will bring together 100+ highly screened African and MENA education consultants and International Institutions looking to discuss agent representation agreements and other partnership opportunities.

Agents will represent Ghana | Nigeria | Kenya | Tanzania | Rwanda | Uganda | South Africa | Mauritius | Zimbabwe | Morocco | Senegal | Mali | Congo | Ivory Coast | Ethiopia | Tunisia | Algeria | Egypt | Botswana | Gabon | UAE | Qatar | Turkey | Cyprus

Institutions will have the chance to hold pre-booked meetings at the pace of 30minutes in 3 working days. The event will be crowned with an 8-hour student recruitment fair where Institutions will have the chance to meet pre-screened and pre-booked students looking to study with them. Other representatives attending the event will be media partners, high school, and college counselors.

Location: Accra, Ghana

Date: June 6th – June 9th, 2018

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