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Be an ICEC

ICEC’s – (IAES Certified Education Consultants) are screened and approved agents that work directly with IAES and Partner Schools of IAES.

IAES is signing with 3 Agents ONLY per destination country to represent IAES and Partner Schools of IAES for yearly student referrals to help boost International Student Recruitment for IAES Partner Schools.

  • ICEC’s will have the tools and resources to make their work easier, Undergo series of training and  Enjoy the flexibility of traveling with IAES.
  • ICEC’s will provided an official certificate, badge and a unique identification code verifying their status.
  • ICEC’s will be listed on the Everyday College Portal for FREE.

Initial membership fee is $250 and after a 12-months period ICEC’s are expected to renew their membership with an amount of $50 each year. 

To be an ICEC; send an email to