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A typical virtual fair with IAES

International African Education Summit (IAES) continues to grow as one of the unique student and agent recruitment agencies within the Africa, Middle East and Asia regions. Amidst the various cost-effective solutions launched to helping Institutions grow their numbers within a time-frame, IAES has recently launched the virtual fair option. The virtual fair is created for […]

Why Instant Admission Fairs are dominating and General College Fairs aren’t

As International Education Advocates we have toured all continents and have partnered with different college fair organizers. Although different fair organizers operate under different modules, it’s usually the same structure everywhere. Students listen to College presentations Students have one-on-one meetings with College representatives and ask questions, take home brochures etc The reason why it ends […]

The Super-School Guide: Step 7

The Power of Landing Pages Yes I know I am a tech-girl and I love incorporating tech in everything I do but then also gigantic firms and businesses will not get to this height if not for the web! I also know you have a fully built website with over 100 pages detailing everything about […]

The Super-Agent Guide: Step 7

Sample Questionnaire for Institutions Questionnaires have to be a two-way thing between Institutions and Agents. Here are sample questions to ask Institutions just to ensure you’re on the same page. Course schedules, time and dates for enrollment   Tuition reduction rates and scholarships available to students in your location   Rate of tuition fee deposit […]