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Fair Checklist

IAES fairs are carefully promoted, managed and executed for our participating schools. Thus, to ensure you have an exciting and fulfilling experience, we carefully screen students that attend our event. Remember, schools are coming to meet students that’d want to study with them thus attending an IAES fair only means that you have plans to study abroad that very year.

All IAES Fairs are executed as on-the-spot admission fairs meaning that students that qualify for admission are awarded conditional offer letters that very same day. This also means that Institutions will require the same documents needed for a college application to decide on your application. We will urge you to attend the fair with a parent/guardian to help in the decision process.

**Scholarships are not awarded on event days. IAES will notify students if there are some number of scholarships to be awarded on a fair day. Do not register to attend the fair if you’re in need of a scholarship** 

To get you ready to attend an IAES event please make note of the following;

  1. Dress code – Business casual
  2. Research our list of participating schools and decide the schools you’d want to attend with and pre-book your meetings with them
  3. Come along with printed copies of your;
  • Fair booking ticket or show us a mobile copy
  • Passport page
  • 2 passport pictures
  • School transcripts
  • Recommendation letters and other vital documents
  • Parent’s/guardian’s bank statements

4. Make a list of questions you might have

Celebration dinner

  • All students that gain admission are awarded a ticket PASS to join the IAES team and participating schools in our Gala dinner event to celebrate a successful event. Remember IAES fairs are full of surprises and opportunities. Thus, we welcome serious students ONLY!

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you at our event!