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New product launch from the house of IAES : Three new portals Admissionin30min / Interns&Us / Testly

IAES will be celebrating its second year in operation milestone come April 15th, 2018, we are known for being a consulting organization like no other. A true consulting organization that’s always committed to its efforts for making good education available to everyone and helping its partners International reach efficient and successful.


Continuing with our tradition of developing the solutions that make the whole International education system more efficient and something that adds more value, we will be celebrating our 2ndyear anniversary with launch of our wonderful portals

  1. Admissionin30minutes (
  2. InternsandUs (
  3. Testly (


Three wonderful portals to take forward the amazing concept we have built over 2 years with IAES, working to solve on-ground issues and creating a system which benefits all Institutions, Students, Education consultants, High School Counselors, and organizations as well.


  1. Admissionin30minutes – A data-driven portal that streamlines an entire study abroad application and offering admission to students all within 30 minutes. This is to make the entire student recruitment process delightful for both students and Colleges.
  2. InternsAndus – A platform that lists and connects internship opportunities to students.
  3. Testly – We are bridging the gaps and changing the way well-deserved students are awarded scholarships, internships and gaining new knowledge. A platform where Educators can host scholarship tests, employers can host psychometric, evaluation test and find the right fit.


We are so excited for our new products from the house of IAES and we are sure they will do wonders in changing the landscape in Education industry. Stay tuned for April 15th and celebrate with us!

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