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Notice to our Current and Prospective Partners about Imitation of our Products and Services

We have recently learned of efforts by third parties to sell products and services to our partners in ways that illegally mimic our identity. IAES Africa seeks to alert our current, and potential partners about this occurrence, and to strongly advise caution when dealing with such advances as they may be false.

Even though we have grown substantively over the past two years, IAES Africa, a sister company to Potter’s International College, does NOT have any subsidiary organizations within the full-time student and agent recruiting industry. We continue to be a unique student and agent recruitment company based in Africa, and we are proud of our A-list partners and proven track record of doing what we say.

As such, any communication NOT from our official accounts should be treated as suspicious, as they are NOT from IAES. Particularly, be critical of imitation websites advertising similar events and packages. As we continue to investigate the matter to shield our partners from potentially false advances, we encourage you to treat any such message with caution; and to communicate with us ONLY through our official channels.

If you have stumbled upon websites, or have received newsletters that run similar services as ours and are quoting similar fees and packages, and you are suspicious of authenticity, please contact us as soon as possible.

As a reminder, the official and legitimate IAES Africa website continues to be: Please contact us via e-mail at or phone at +233-244-271-978 if you ever have any doubts.


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