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Run a Summer Camp Program with us

IAES has recently extended it’s recruitment and marketing efforts to International Boarding Schools across the world.

As part of delivering comprehensive but yet a high ROI product, we are partnering with major boarding schools on Summer Camp Programs.

Summer Camp will run in the months of May – July at the pace of 8-10 days and may run as American culture | ESL offered | Sports | Military | or Regular camp.

Students will be enrolled in groups of 20 | 30 | 50 from our 43+ representing countries and will be students looking to pursue a Boarding School education in the coming year.

With a robustly crafted program for the camp students, IAES will work closely with individual boarding schools to structure an outstanding package.

Special Thanks to our 1st Summer Camp Host  

To learn more about how you can run a summer program with us, contact our Boarding School Partnerships Manager

Queenett Abena Elorm
Boarding Schools Partnership Manager | Assistant Communications Manager