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The Power of Landing Pages

Yes I know I am a tech-girl and I love incorporating tech in everything I do but then also gigantic firms and businesses will not get to this height if not for the web!

I also know you have a fully built website with over 100 pages detailing everything about your school but I am sorry to inform you that your clients need your Landing Pages to make it easier for them to get to know about your school and the information’s they mostly require within the shortest possible time.

Landing pages are basically one-page websites containing school name, LOGO, Request Information Form, Campus Tour, Summary of Programs and Fees.

The information you choose to display on your landing pages is totally your decision but the above is more than enough to get a visitor turn into a prospective student and also to an enrolled student.

Whiles promoting your school using Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and any other preferred channels, directing all visitors to a beautifully created landing page will do 80% of your job as an International Student Advisor and Marketer.

Landing pages are mostly created to capture information’s of all visitors coming to your website to enable you nurture them into customers.

A sample landing page can be found hereĀ 

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