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IAES 50 Countries Tour "IAES High School Tour"

Terms & Conditions

1. Participation

  • Participation in an IAES event is open to Junior and Senior High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Agencies, Scholarship Bodies, Governmental organizations, Parents and Students whose participation is relevant to the event.
  • Participation in an IAES event will only be confirmed if an invoice has been issued, IAES has received a proof of payment and a signed scanned copy of event contract has been received by IAES.

2. Cancellation policy

  • Participation fees once paid is non-refundable.
  • Refundable fees applies to canceled and postponed events only.

3. Transfer policy

  • Participants are free to transfer participation to another party or another event.

4. Force Majeure

  • If an IAES event may have to be canceled or postponed, IAES will notify participants immediately and participation fees paid may be transferred to another IAES event or refunded in full to the participant.
  • Participants may not claim for loss of travel or other related event expenses that will arise from cancellation or event postponement.

5. Payment (bank transfer ONLY)

  • All invoices issued are payable via bank transfer only and must be cleared within 7 days from the date of issue.
  • IAES will not be held accountable for delays in wire transfers.
  • After 7 days, IAES will charge an additional 10% of fees payable as a Late Payment Charge.
  • After 7 days, should an invoice not be cleared, IAES will cancel a participant’s registration to participate in an IAES event.
  • If a participant re-registers for an IAES Event after registration has been canceled, IAES will charge additional 10% of participation fees

6. Extra delegate

  • IAES requires only 1 delegate per school to attend tours/recruitment events
  • 75% of total recruitment/tour fee will be charged per extra delegate

7. Visa

  • IAES will provide visa invitation letters to all participants of an IAES event.
  • Invitation letters once issued does not guarantee the issue of visa to participants. This is solely the decision of visa consulates in respective countries to issue or decline visa to participants.
  • Participation fees once paid will be refunded in full once a delegate is refused the visa. Participants will, therefore, have to provide proof of visa denial for refunds.

8. Travel logistics

  • Participation fees once paid is inclusive of;
  • 3 nights’ hotel accommodation with daily breakfast.
  • Economy class return ticket and in-country flight ticket.
  • Airport pickup/drop.
  • City tours.
  • Transportation between high school visits.

9. Event logistics

  • Participation fees once paid is inclusive of;
  • Designated table and chair for pre-booked one-on-one meetings
  • Student and agent database after the event.
  • High school visits.
  • Media publicity.

10. Transport and delivery of promotional materials

  • Participants wishing to deliver brochures, banners and other materials relevant to an IAES event can do so using their preferred courier service.
  • Participants wishing to employ the services of IAES for this will be charged additional fees
  • IAES is not liable for loss or incorrect delivery for participants who employed a courier service for delivery.

11. Advertising and promotion during the event

  • The only type of display and advertising materials permitted is 1 roll up stand, brochures, table cloth, and souvenirs.

12. Liability and insurance

  • Participants are advised to be insured before traveling to an IAES event.
  • IAES will not be held liable for any loss of or damage to exhibits, materials or equipment prior to, during, or after the event.

13. Media

  • IAES will use photographs and video footages during events for promotional purposes only.