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IAES 50 Countries Tour "IAES High School Tour"

What we do

Agent Referrals – Referring the best agents on our list

Student Referrals – Recruiting students for our partner schools

High School Tours – Touring public and private high schools, meeting parents and students to promote Institutions. Signing with various high schools to facilitate student referrals per academic year.

On the spot recruitment exhibitions – Simplifying international student recruitment through face-to-face interaction events with parents and students resulting in on-the-spot admissions

PR and Marketing Support – Helping Institutions establish reputation and exposure through online and offline marketing

Promotion of Cohort Courses – Helping Institutions build student capacity for professional training programs

Promotion of Online Programs – Helping Institutions build student capacity for online programs

Consultancy Services – Helping Institutions understand different markets and the feasibility of establishing them in certain areas

Personalized recruitment services for Institutions Talk to us!