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IAES 50 Countries Tour "IAES High School Tour"

Why us

  • Quality of prospects – Our students are pre-screened before an event
  • Uniqueness – We have a limit to the number of representing Institutions we register for our fairs and that will be not more than 10 representing Institutions, 10-20 carefully screened agents and 100-300 quality prospective students per event destination. 
  • Feasibility – Our focus is mainly within Africa where most prospective students are based. Reach a broader market with IAES.
  • HIGH ROI – Participation in an IAES event doesn’t end there, IAES will act as a representative agency to refer students to your Institution. And with our involvement in assisting individual Institutions sign collaborative and strategic partnerships with schools and agents wherever we go, money invested in an IAES event gets recouped 10* more.

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